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Colin Cowherd reveals his most underrated player in the 2017 NBA Draft


“So I talked to a lot of people this weekend, and everybody kind of felt the same way. That if you could move out of the one or two spot — and there’s like seven legitimate point guards here — and you could get chess pieces you should do it.

“In Boston’s case, I totally get it. I think now De’Aaron Fox is the most underrated player in this draft.

“I think Philadelphia wants Fultz, and I think he fits Philadelphia. I think the Lakers want Lonzo Ball, and I think he fits the Lakers.

“Boston’s feeling is, ‘We can take any of them, but if you can give us more picks and I can get one of these nine point guards? Yeah, we’ll do it.’

“So I think it’s a win for the Lakers, who are going to get Lonzo Ball. It’s a win for the Sixers, who need scoring at guard. And it’s a win for the Celtics. This is the way trades should work. Everybody feels like, ‘Hey, we didn’t get burned, we added value, we got what we want.”

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