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Watch LeBron James unleash dominance upon small children at son's birthday party


How do you handle getting frustrated in the NBA Finals and losing in five games despite a stellar individual showing? Well, if you’re LeBron James, you own the hell out of small humans in various forms of athletic competition.

James held a 10th birthday party for his youngest son, Bryce, over the weekend, and it looked like he had himself a great time. From dunking on kids on the basketball court to making one-handed catches on the football field to unleashing heat-seeking water balloon missiles … he was a force to be reckoned with.

LeBron posted a video of the highlights to his Facebook page with a nice birthday message for Bryce:

“Being able to do things like this for my kids that I always wish I had as a kid is why i work so extremely hard!! Seeing my youngest son Bryce at his 10th bday party yesterday with all his friends smiling, having a great time brings joy to my heart! You’re 1 of a kind kid and I’m extremely proud to be your Father! Love you!”

Something tells me most of the kids at the party were quite alright with getting repeatedly owned by one of the greatest athletes on the planet.

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